Les Vins du Fab
2020 Dans les Vignes La-Haut: La Jungle
A bottle 2020 Dans les Vignes La-Haut: La Jungle Orange wine from Les Vins du Fab, Neuchâtel in Switzerland

Product type

Orange wine





Grape Variety

Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Sylvaner


0.75 l


Les Vins du Fab

490,00 DKK

Les Vins du Fab


Fabien Henriot makes ridiculously good wine, and yet he is almost totally unknown as his production is microscopic, and his wines close to impossible to find outside of Switzerland. He is a former sommelier from several top Swiss restaurants, but a number of years ago he changed tracks and started making wine without the use of additives or technical means under the name of Les Vins du Fab.

For three years, until vintage 2020, he worked for another winemaker who paid him in grapes, but since 2020, Les Vins du Fab has become an actual négociant company. He makes a myriad of micro cuvées (no more than 150-200 bottles of each) and continuously bottles new cuvées throughout the year, so this is not the easiest case for an importer. However, after a long series of emails back and forth and a very impromptu tasting from the back of his car in a parking lot in Loire on a cold February morning, there was no shadow of a doubt that we simply needed to start importing his wines. Fabien Henriot makes deeply aromatic, elegant, refreshing and almost feathery wines that are bursting with energy and most importantly have an extreme amount of personality.

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