Daniel Sage
2019 Nyctalopie
A bottle 2019 Nyctalopie Red wine from Daniel Sage, Haute-Loire in France

Product type

Red wine





Grape Variety

Gamay, Pinot Noir


0.75 l


Daniel Sage

Please note: This wine is not sold separately, but can be bought in the Juicy reds tasting box here.

280,00 DKK

Daniel Sage


Daniel Sage makes some of the most sought-after wines in our portfolio and with good reason. The wines he produces in his cellar in the Haute-Loire bordering Ardèche are simply magical! This is as far away from Parker points that you can get. Wild, untamed, bright and refreshing but always with great aromatic complexity and endless drinkability. The wines are low on tannins while flirting with volatile acidity which can always be sensed, but never overshadows all the other things that are going on in the glass.

Daniel Sage tends to a small and hard-to-reach plot in Saint-Joseph but also buys grapes from like-minded winemakers primarily in Ardèche and Rhône. The cellar work is as low-tech as it can get: Spontaneous fermentation (of course!), manual press, no pumps, no fining or filtration and absolutely no added sulphur.

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