Domaine Yoyo
2019 Akoibon
A bottle 2019 Akoibon Red wine from Domaine Yoyo, Rousillon in France

Product type

Red wine





Grape Variety

Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre


0.75 l


Domaine Yoyo

290,00 DKK

Domaine Yoyo


Laurence Manya Krief – known as Yoyo among friends – is the woman behind Domaine Yoyo. She makes wine from four hectares in the heart of Cru Banyuls and another three hectares in the Albères a bit further north. The vineyards are elevated, steep, low-yielding and old. All work in the vineyard takes place using horses and mules and the rest is carried out by hand.

In the cellar, Yoyo works with carbonic maceration and zero added sulfur, but since the yields are very low (generally between 10-20 hectoliters per hectare), Domaine Yoyo’s wines typically show a very fine balance between concentration and freshness.

Laurence lives together with Jean-François Nicq – the man behind Les Foulards Rouges – and the couple has been making wine in the same cellar since 2013.

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