Tom Shobbrook
2021 Sammion
A bottle 2021 Sammion White wine from Tom Shobbrook, Barossa Valley in Australia

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White wine




Barossa Valley

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0.75 l


Tom Shobbrook

280,00 DKK

Tom Shobbrook

Barossa Valley

Tom Shobbrook is an extremely talented winemaker and an absolute pioneer in Australian wine, which is generally dominated by a very technology-focused and controlled approach to both the work in the vineyard and the cellar. After working for wineries in Italy, he returned to Australia in 2007 to make wine from the family’s vineyards in Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley. Inspired by his experiences in Italy, Tom began to explore another direction than cultured yeast, fining, filtration and added sulphur.

Tom Shobbrook’s wines are serious and structured, while always being incredibly refreshing, aromatic, and acidic. They are free and unmanipulated while still showing extremely good workmanship. Unfortunately, the family farm was sold in 2019, and Tom had to move and start all over again in Flaxman Valley, where he so far has two hectares of quality vineyards located at an altitude of 540 meters. The production is quite modest, but with his very first vintage Tom has already shown that he is in the process of building something quite unique in his new place, where the expression is completely in line with the wine from Seppeltsfield just half an hour away.

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