Sébastien Jacques

Amélie Vuillet and Sébastien Jacques both come from Jura, where they have worked for some of the major producers in the area such as Brignot, Bornard and Tissot. In 2001, they bought a small plot in Arbois and started making a little wine for themselves, while they sold some bottles to a few lucky ones in 2013. Today, the vineyard is just over one acre in size and spread across plots in Molamboz, Arbois and Montigny-lès-Arsures surrounding their home.

The work in the vineyards is done with the greatest respect for nature. Amélie and Sébastien rarely sprays and instead cultivate the soil on horseback with a constant focus on plant health. In the cellar, they apply the same approach and work without temperature control, filtration or additives to be able to express the region in the best possible way. Sébastien Jacques makes beautiful, vibrant and unique wines.

Products from Sébastien Jacques