Lilian et Sophie Bauchet


When the IT company that Lilian had headed for 10 years was acquired in 2007, it was a perfect opportunity to change the life of his family. Lilian bought the seven-hectare Château des Bachelards in Fleurie, took a one-year agricultural course with a focus on viticulture before making his first vintage in 2009. In 2014, however, Lilian decided to sell the domaine again and move to smaller surroundings in Mogneneins on the right side of the Saône river. The place had become too large, and Lilian was unhappy that he could not cultivate the vineyards the way he wanted to.

Today, the domaine Lilian et Sophie Bauchet consists of 3.5 hectares in Lancié between Villié-Morgon and Fleurie, which is considered the perfect size when you want to cultivate organically, do all the vineyard work yourself and plough by horse. In the cellar, work is done with whole clusters, carbonic maceration, no fining or filtration and no added sulphur.

Lilian et Sophie Bauchet’s wines are some of the wildest and most untamed Beaujolais that we have in our portfolio, but at the same time some of the most charming, vibrant and deeply addictive wines. If you are looking to identify “faults” in the wine, you probably will. But if you are not afraid of a little volatile acidity or CO2, then you most certainly will find great pleasure drinking these wines.

Products from Lilian et Sophie Bauchet