Good Intentions Wine Co.

South Australia

Good Intentions Wine Co. is a small family business run by Andrew Burchell and his wife Louise with an ambition to create a farm that promotes biodiversity and to help lift the small community of Mount Gambier located about halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne. The location on the south side of one of Australia’s youngest inactive volcanoes contributes to a completely unique terroir and a significantly cooler climate than what is found in more well-known Australian wine-growing areas.

The vineyards are cultivated according to the principles of permaculture, and in the cellar the philosophy is also quite clear. Here best described by Andrew himself: “We make wines that reflect the eccentricities of our personalities, place and terroir with a minimalistic approach. We use old world wine methods, preferring the challenges of hand picking our fruit, open fermentation with indigenous yeast and only adding sulfur when required by the wine. We do not filter or fine our wines and they are all bottled on site in our small winery. Our aim is to produce great tasting unique wines expressing this unique terroir above anything else. We produce what we like to drink.”

The wines of Good Intentions Wine Co. generally exhibit a high level of freshness and relatively low extraction. They are unpretentious and can be drunk in large gulps, while still showing enough character and personality to make you want to open one more bottle.

Unfortunately, we do not have any products in stock from this producer at the moment.

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