Domaine de la Chappe


Young winemaker Vincent Thomas is the man behind Domaine de la Chappe. The domaine was founded in 1988 by Vincent’s father André, who in the early years sold all his grapes to the local cooperative. Vincent returned to the domaine in 2003 after a stay at Gramenon in Rhône and completely took over Domaine de la Chappe in 2005. Inspired by what he had seen and tasted at producers like Gramenon, Dard & Ribo, Jean-Pierre Frick and many others, he decided to improve the work in the vineyard and implement a less manipulative style in the cellar.

Vincent works with spontaneous fermentation and minimal sulphur added but prefers to be pragmatic instead of stubbornly insisting on being “natural”. That being said, it is becoming increasingly rare for him to find it necessary to add sulphur.

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