For four generations, the Lomazzi family has been involved in wine trade and wine production, and in the 1950s and 1960s, the family was among the most important distributors of Italian wine. Today, Dante Lomazzi and his wife Helena have gone their separate ways with Colombaia near Colle Val d’Elsa in Tuscany.

Four acres of southwest-facing vineyards belong to the domaine surrounding the house and the cellar. Here Dante and Helena work as if it were a large garden, and their biodynamic approach helps them to follow the rhythm of nature and provide a healthy soil for the vines. The soil consisting of clay and limestone is filled with fossil shells giving it a very authentic terroir.

In the cellar, human interference is kept to a minimum and the wine ferments spontaneously with the yeasts that are naturally found on the skins. The wine is not fined, filtered, or stabilized and only a small amount of sulphur is added before bottling if necessary at all. Colombaia makes wine showing that depth and complexity can be harmonious with an easily drinkable and unmanipulated expression.

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